Lignetics Hard Wood Pellets

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$355 per pallet(ton)
per 40lb bag

Lignetics Super Premium Hardwood Pellets are quickly becoming a top name brand in the New England area. Lignetics 100% Hardwood Pellets was formerly known as Geneva Wood Pellets prior to being aquired. Lignetics invested millions of dollars into the former Geneva factory and are now producing the best pellets yet! Lignetics controls there raw materials 100% of the time, while using only top quality hardwood logs. This pellet exceeds all standards for super premium quality by the Pellet Fuels Institute. All of Lignetics 100% Hardwood Pellets are manufactured at their Strong, Maine factory right here in the USA! If you are looking for a quality 100% hardwood pellet at an affordable price then this is the pellet for you!

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This new Lignetics Pellet is a super-premium quality 100% Hardwood pellet. They purchase non-saw mill ready round logs and debarks, chips, grinds and dries the wood fiber into raw material appropriate for pelletizing. It is important to remove all bark and debris before pelletizing because these are the contaminants which cause pellets to produce too much ash and lower heating values. These contaminants also negatively affect bulk density which causes pellets to break down. During the production process excess dust is collected twice to ensure that the only thing entering the bags or silos is 100% premium grade hardwood pellet fuel. Lignetics produces wood pellets that, contain only 0.5% ash on average, produce more than 8,200 Btu/Lb., and have less than 0.05% fines. As a result, you will enjoy pellets that do not leave much ash when burned, produce a tremendous amount of heat and have little dust in the bag. Since Lignetics aquired the Geneva factory they have heavily invested in new equipment to make a better than ever product. The Strong, Maine facilty now has newer and better packaging systems and a better method for cooling the pellets after being pelletized. This new cooling system minimizes damage and fines in the final product. If you demand pellets that are hot, clean, and affordable then that is what Lignetics Super Premium Hardwood Pellets delivers!

Ash - .5% | BTU (As Received) – 8,221 BTU/lb. | BTU (Moisture Free) – 8,670 BTU/lb. | Moisture – 5.17% | Wood Type: 100% Hardwood

We show both “Moisture Free” and the “As Received” BTU testing results so you can make informed comparison with other pellet fuels. Many pellet retailers only show the “Moisture Free” results to make the product appear better. The “Moisture Free” number is not a real world figure since that is only accurate once all of the moisture has been completely removed from the product. The true measure of heat content is the “As Received” value, that is how the pellets tested straight out of the bag and is equivalent to the heat they’ll give off when you burn them at your own home.

Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Disclaimer: Lignetics owns many factories across North America, below reviews may not be of the Hardwood Pellet made in Strong, Maine. Please see the reviews under Geneva Wood pellets for more accurate reviews since it is the same factory. The product has only gotten better since Geneva was aquired by Lignetics.
    Review by Eric S.via
    I have been burning Lignetics pellets for 5 yrs. No matter when they are bought, they burn consistent, burn hot, and the ash build up is not that bad. Have tried other pellets but these are my go to pellets. Never have had a problem.
    Review by Mark Brandt via
    This is my go too brand for my Austroflam. They start nice and burn clean. There are a few other labels sold in my area that I like better but when I brake down the cost per btu these save me $80 a ton over the other premium pellets. They burn hot and I have no issues. A solid performer with consistent quality.