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$310.00 per pallet(ton)
per 40lb Bag

Maine Woods Wood Pellets are a great balance between quality and price. This top selling Wood Pellet has been rated “Best pellets to burn 2010 thru 2015” by Maine Woods is far superior quality than most “Big Box” store options while still maintaining an affordable price. This hardwood & softwood blend pellet features low ash and high heat output while maintaining consistency. We are the largest distributor of Maine Woods Pellets in South Eastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island. Give them a try and find out why our customers come back year after year to enjoy the warmth of Maine Woods Wood Pellets!

Neighborhood Buy Program

Do you enjoy saving money? If you and your neigbors purchase at the same time, we can coordinate a single trailer load delivery, virtually eliminating delivery costs! Plus, special consideration can be provided for personal loading services directly in the back of a garage (normally an additional fee).

You and your neighbors all burn pellets, so cash in on these savings ahead of time!

Maine Wood’s pre-screens all of the wood at their Athens, Maine facility before processing it and they use no debris or additives of any kind. Many pellet manufacturers will use vegetable or soybean oil and some even use plastics. Maine Woods pellets are made with 100% wood - no additives, no oils, no plastics, and no polystyrene. This pellet is a blend of approximately 65% hardwood (primarily maple & yellow birch) and 35% softwood (fir and pine). The raw materials for these pellets come from sustainable woodlands that are owned and managed by certified Master Loggers. Maine Woods pellets exceed all the specifications of a premium pellet set by the Pellet Fuel Institute: Consistent hardness and energy content; uniform dimension (less than 1.5 inches long); limited sawdust (amount of fines passing through .125 inch screen no more than .5 percent by weight); low salt content (no more than 300 parts per million); and low ash content, an important factor in maintenance frequency. Each batch of these quality pellets is tested by an independent, third-party lab to guarantee you receive a clean burning and low ash fuel. We offer delivery for any quantity and we sell it either by the ton/pallet or by the bag. Unlike the big box stores we burn pellets every day to heat our showroom and constantly monitor the quality. Try Maine Woods and find out why it was voted #1 Blended Pellet and one of the Best Pellets to burn 2010 thru 2015 by

Ash - .43% | BTU (As Received) – 8,256 BTU/lb. | BTU (Moisture Free) – 8,767 BTU/lb. | Moisture – 5.40% | Wood Type: Hardwood & Softwood Blend

We show both “Moisture Free” and the “As Received” BTU testing results so you can make informed comparison with other pellet fuels. Many pellet retailers only show the “Moisture Free” results to make the product appear better. The “Moisture Free” number is not a real world figure since that is only accurate once all of the moisture has been completely removed from the product. The true measure of heat content is the “As Received” value, that is how the pellets tested straight out of the bag and is equivalent to the heat they’ll give off when you burn them at your own home.

Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Review by Z. Tripp via
    I would recommend them. The Maine Wood Pellets have a much more consistent size, much less ash and same as, if not more, heat than Energex. My stove is a Quad-Fire Mt. Vernon
    Review by Steve via
    I think they have low fines, moderate ash and my Harman invincible insert seems to love them.
    Review by Mark via
    I was shocked at how hot and clean they burned. Great heat. No Clinkers, low ash. Best pellet of the year so far.
    Review by John via
    Maine woods is my go to pellet. I've been using for the last 3 years and they keep getting better!
    Review by Dave via
    One thing I will say about MWP is that they will continue to be my go to pellet if all else fails. So if you are looking for a decent pellet for a great price, MWP is your pellet.