Northern Warmth Super Spruce Pellets

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$382 per pallet(ton)
per 40lb bag

Northern Warmth Super Spruce. Manufactured in a plant in British Columbia Canada know for some of the best softwood wood fiber in the world, NW Super Spruce, are made from 100% softwood sawdust, with no additives, bark, or other contaminants. The high quality of raw material combined with an automated system and efficient quality control at the mill ensures that all wood pellets made in this facility meet the highest standard of quality available in the market. Northern Warmth Super Spruce is available at better stove shops, lumber yards, nurseries and speciality store across the northeast where ever better pellets are sold.

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You and your neighbors all burn pellets, so cash in on these savings ahead of time!

Super Premium Softwood pellets made in the USA from 100% Pine.
  • 8600 BTUs per pound.
  • sh is .30%

Northern Warmth Super Spruce pellets are 100% Natural West Coast Softwood with no additives, and made in British Columbia. 8300 btu’s per pound. Ash is .40%.

    • Wood: SPF (spruce, pine and fir)
    • Ash: .35% - .39%
    • Heat Value: 8600 BTU/LB

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