Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir Pellets

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$497 per pallet(ton)
per 40lb bag

Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir (purple bag) is considered by many the best wood pellet on the market. Burning hotter, longer, and cleaner than any other wood pellet, NW Supreme Douglas Fir has set the standard for super premium fuel pellets. Made from 100% Douglas Fir Softwood from Oregon, NW Supreme Douglas Fir does not use recycled wood, additives, plastic or waxes. Additionally, the very low ash content of this product results in less cleaning and maintenance of your stove, boiler, or furnace.

When only the very best will do and you want top performance from your stove, with more heat and very little ash…then this is the pellet you should be using…

  • Wood: 100% Coastal Oregon Douglas Fir
  • Ash: .10% - .15%
  • BTU’s: up to 8900
Neighborhood Buy Program

Do you enjoy saving money? If you and your neigbors purchase at the same time, we can coordinate a single trailer load delivery, virtually eliminating delivery costs! Plus, special consideration can be provided for personal loading services directly in the back of a garage (normally an additional fee).

You and your neighbors all burn pellets, so cash in on these savings ahead of time!

Expensive but probably worth the money if they don’t sell out. Fantastic doug fir pellet with high btw and low ash

  • Ash .12%
  • BTU’s (as received) 8775
  • OR Douglas Fir

Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    2018 – Here we are again and these pellets are the real deal west coast douglas fir pellet. Super high heat and low ash.
    Aug 2017 – I have high hopes for these pellets and will update as soon as I burn them. I think they are going to be one of the top pellets on the market this year.
    Sept 2017 – These pellets look great and feel great. Super dense hard douglas fir pellets. I am going to be putting them in the freshly cleaned stove and hopper and open all the windows to see how they burn. I think they are like Bear Mt. or Golden fire pellets which are fantastic doug fir pellets from the west coast. I was thinking there were going to be alot of fines from the long haul over but I was wrong. The bag had fines but not worrisome at all.
    Sept 2017 – I must say that these pellets are awesome! First bag of the year to get tested and what was super impressive was the fact that I had to turn my regular feed rate of 4 down to 2.5. So what this means is that due to the super dense pellets which burn really hot, they burn long. In essence I almost doubled the life of a bag. So long story short is that even though these cost more, you will use much less. Win / Win.