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$375.00 per pallet(50 packs)
per pack (20 bricks)

The Original BioBricks are a convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly replacement to burning cordwood. 1lb of BioBricks equals 1.7lbs of cordwood in heat value. You will experience longer burn times and a cleaner stove/chimney with less creosote buildup. Imagine no bugs, no bark falling off, less mess, less loading the stove, and a cleaner burn. The average burn time on a loaded stove is about 12 hours! They have a uniform rectangular shape, which allows them to be tightly packed into a stove, optimizing fuel levels. These tightly packed bricks burn longer and more uniform. With The Original BioBricks you will find out why they say it’s “A New Look at Firewood!”


Neighborhood Buy Program

Do you enjoy saving money? If you and your neigbors purchase at the same time, we can coordinate a single trailer load delivery, virtually eliminating delivery costs! Plus, special consideration can be provided for personal loading services directly in the back of a garage (normally an additional fee).

You and your neighbors all burn wood bricks, so cash in on these savings ahead of time!

Our Original BioBricks have a uniform rectangular shape which makes it easier to tightly pack a stove with the greatest amount of BioBricks. Because these "BioBricks" can be tightly packed, the fire burns longer and more uniform. A pallet of BioBricks, when burned, will give as much heat as a full cord of seasoned firewood while taking up half the space. The bricks are the perfect size; if bigger they might not burn up completely, if smaller they might burn too hot. With & you can turn your wood stove into something as easy to use as a pellet stove.

Here is some other reason’s to switch from cord wood and try the warmth of BioBricks.

  • BioBricks are ideally sized for wood stoves.
  • Packing density is optimized.
  • This high density fuel extends your burn times greatly.
  • 100% wood, no artificial binders
  • Cost effective, 1 lb of BioBricks equals 1.7 lbs of cordwood
  • Environmentally friendly using our renewable resources
  • Clean burning – minimal smoke, creosote and ash
  • Lights with newspaper, no mess, no chopping, no bugs
  • Easy to handle 38 – 42 lb packs with 50 packs per pallet
  • BioBricks lessens our dependence on foreign oil
  • Safely and easily stores inside or out (UV pallet cover)
  • Pallet size approximately 4x4x3 and is easily stackable
  • Average burn time of 12 hours per stove fill
  • Uniformity in size, density and moisture ensures predictable burning each time

Ash - .57% | BTU (As Received) – 7,364 BTU/lb. | BTU (Moisture Free) – NA BTU/lb. | Moisture – 7.56% | Wood Type: 100% Natural Wood

We show both “Moisture Free” and the “As Received” BTU testing results so you can make informed comparison with other pellet fuels. Many pellet retailers only show the “Moisture Free” results to make the product appear better. The “Moisture Free” number is not a real world figure since that is only accurate once all of the moisture has been completely removed from the product. The true measure of heat content is the “As Received” value, that is how the pellets tested straight out of the bag and is equivalent to the heat they’ll give off when you burn them at your own home.

Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Review by Gregg via customer testimonial page at
    I think they are awesome, I have burned them myself and ALL the ones I gave away, the people just loved them! That is all I am using this winter to heat my house.
    Review by Brett via customer testimonial page at
    Not having the dirt, dust, bark, insects and spiders associated with my wood pile of the past is a pleasure!
    Review by Aaron in New Hartford, CT via customer testimonial page at
    I find BioBricks to be superior to cordwood in many ways. Beyond the environmental, storage and practical advantages (which are huge), BioBricks provide a better, more consistent and predictable burn compared to cordwood. I have much better control over my stove's temperature now, and it stays consistent for hours on end. With cordwood there always seemed to be a heat curve: it would burn increasingly hotter until the wood broke down into coals, and then start cooling. To maintain a more constant temperature, I needed to adjust the airflow periodically throughout the burn time, which is impossible while sleeping! With BioBricks this is unnecessary. Once I establish a well-burning fire and stock the stove, I can close the damper and adjust the airflow ONCE for a consistent temperature that lasts overnight and into the morning. The BioBricks just keep giving off a constant glowing, moderate-flaming heat until they crumble into ash. I admit I was skeptical when I first heard about BioBricks. I did a lot of reading before deciding to buy 2 pallets.
    Review by C Bren via
    We have a Pacific Energy, run it all winter. We used wood for the first two years, Biobricks for the last two. Due to lack of availability, we tried liberty bricks this year, regular and chip bricks. The Biobricks are far superior. Hotter burn, less mess (especially vs the Liberty Chip bricks), less ash and much easier to light (vs the regular Liberty bricks). With the Biobricks, we can clean it completely every two days, with the liberty chip bricks, need to clean daily- they fall apart into a pile of burning chips early in the burn. All in all, Bio bricks are the way to go- there's a reason they are the hardest to find mid-season.